Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Curl Up and Die - Unfortunately We're Not Robots

Got this on or off the internet and to my surprise when I opened it, it was white/gray marbled! How wonderful! The covers weren't anything to write home about, I get the feeling there wasn't a lot of love put into the physical record, but I love the music. I haven't heard this album in a little while, and just remember jamming to it in the car with Brian. Time to move onto the EP's which i've been told are even better.

I took a wonderful trip back to Pburgh to see Joe, Brian, Rob and others this weekend. We drove up to Erie to ride some serious log. Wait...

We built a raft consisting of 2 giant logs, and rode them like dorothy rides a tornado. Anyways, we enjoyed a sturgeon and cloud free afternoon on the beach at lake Erie and topped it off with dinner at Imperial. Upon arrival back at the double wide we pooped, started a fire, set out some chairs, and cracked open some brewskis. After some delightful catching up and conversation with the boys, and with a miraculous second wind hitting everyone, we decided to take the canoe out for a little lightless night boating. We navigated Snake Island and made our way down a small tributary while the sounds of a mysterious blues guitar in the distance hung in the air like mist on the water. The feeling of vulnerability is overwhelming, surrounded by darkness and unknowing, death was upon us. Frankenfish jumps over the canoe, circling, eyeing us up, like peas in an aluminum pod. Even if frankenfish didn't do us in, the leeches would. I manage to whack it on the head with my paddle, and stun it long enough for us to escape back to the dock.

We made it back safely, and watched revolver before hitting the sack of hay. On Sunday we celebrated our survival with a trip to Old Country Buffet.

In local news, I started carpooling on Monday from Ballston to Fairfax VA and I get the feeling that my new carmate is not going to be too down with record shopping after work. Bummer. Also, I got paid and now have mega cash wads until I have to pay rent. AND I get paid again on Friday so I can get seriously building the record collection. I just need to find some more record stores because nothing beats the feeling of finding a record in the store.

Monday, August 18, 2008

From The Top

This is just going to be a log of the records that I buy from here on out, and actually I might make a few posts about records I bought recently. Let's remember:

Coalesce - Functioning on Impatience (blue/yellow splatter, die cut cover)
The Pixies - Surfer Rosa
The Pixies - Doolittle
Fugazi - Repeater
Botch - Unifying Themes (Redux, Translucent Orange/Black Splatter)
Frank Black - Show Me Your Tears
Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid Soundtrack
The Muslims - The Muslims

I haven't gotten paid yet from CGI, so I don't have that much money to spend, but once I start makin the bacon, I will pick it up.

I was however very excited with the Bob Dylan record, as I had been investigating a song that was supposed to be on this album for a while. My friend Kate and I exchanged mix cds before I left for DC, and she put an Old Crow Medicine Show song on one of them. The song was amazing, I don't know what the deal is with this video, but the song is great. Bob Dylan had written the chorus to the song for the soundtrack to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and I guess Ketch Secor, the singer of OCMS, liked it so much he finished the rest of it. Anyways, I think he did a really good job and I never want to talk about who should be credited what for the song. Sooooo, it was supposed to be released on this soundtrack but was never completed and only exists in super bootleg form. Enjoy.

I was at a used record store in Clarendon, which turns out to be a new AND used record store, and saw the two Pixies records, which needed to be bought. And they were, although Come On Pilgrim is still there waiting for me to get my paycheck.

Show me your tears was an online endeavor, it was, as far as I know, only released on vinyl in the UK, so I had to order out for that one. Even though this album is totally wussy because it's just FB talking about how sad he is about his divorce, he is a wonderful man and I would make sweet sweet chocolate syrup covered cake for him.

Coalesce was another online endeavor, brought to my attention by the Coalesce blog, thank goodness, and an easy decision was made. I opted to not buy the mug, however, in order to get the album faster. In retrospect, I might have rather waited, so I could use the mug at work...

I won't bore you (nobody?) with the rest, but all in all I have run into some good vinyl so far in DC and recently, and the foundations of a wonderful record collection seem to becoming together nicely.

Be back as soon as I can spend my first paycheck.