Monday, January 19, 2009

Mike gets famous

Screen shot of Mike from the WPXI vid

I was talking to Mike O. today after the Steelers won and, as could be predicted, people were going wacky crazy in the Southside last night after the win. People were all driving around with 20 people in the back of their pick up truck, hootin and hollerin about the Steelers, waving their towels about. Anyways, posted a video about it titled "Steeler Fans Occupy The South Side", and my brother stars in it. Scrub forward to 20:05 to see Mike O. Awesome stuff. I think the script looked something like this:

1. Stand on left side of the frame with Santonio Holmes jersey on
2. Talk to girl with mouth
3. Look directly into camera
4. Get scared, cover face with Terrible Towel

annnnnd cut.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Late Christmas Present

In every day life news, I got the best late christmas present ever from Nicole's Mom. She knit me a black and gold scarf, and the best part of it is that I can rock the scarf at ANY professional Pittsburgh sporting event and be wearing the right colors! It's the most rockin christmas present i've got in a while, check it out...

She also made a black and orange scarf which I was seriously considering keeping, due to the fact that it will match the bike I'm going to get, but I decided the steelers colors scarf is too good to give up. The other scarf will go to Danlee, pictured below, he deserves it:

Hitler Cake Update

Well, there was a little update on the Adolf Hitler Campbell cake story, it's like an episode of lost, THE MAN STOLE THEIR KIDS.

And also, I agree that these people should not be getting all this publicity for this balogna, but this is kind of interesting as the police claim that the reason they took the children has nothing to do with their names. Gotta see what happens.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Grammy Nominations

I was reading through the grammy nominations, I just wanted to make a few observations.

- Wayne Brady is a nominee for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance. From the hoe down on Who's line is it anyway to Grammy Nomination. Who knew.
A Change Is Gonna Come
Wayne Brady
Track from: A Long Time Coming
[Peak Records]

- Sara Bareilles is up for 2 Grammys, Song of the year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. This is just swell.

- I didn't know They Might Be Giants were making kid's albums these days:
Here Come The 123s
They Might Be Giants
[Disney Sound]

- Flight of the conchords is up for best comedy album, I didn't see their name in the folk section, regardless of the fact that they call themselves folk. I guess the Recording Academy has the last say.

- Justice is up for an award for remixing an MGMT song, which seems pretty dumb, I don't really know if both of them get an award if they win or what, but the best remix award is for chumps.
Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
Justice, remixers (MGMT)
Track from: Oracular Spectacular