Monday, January 19, 2009

Mike gets famous

Screen shot of Mike from the WPXI vid

I was talking to Mike O. today after the Steelers won and, as could be predicted, people were going wacky crazy in the Southside last night after the win. People were all driving around with 20 people in the back of their pick up truck, hootin and hollerin about the Steelers, waving their towels about. Anyways, posted a video about it titled "Steeler Fans Occupy The South Side", and my brother stars in it. Scrub forward to 20:05 to see Mike O. Awesome stuff. I think the script looked something like this:

1. Stand on left side of the frame with Santonio Holmes jersey on
2. Talk to girl with mouth
3. Look directly into camera
4. Get scared, cover face with Terrible Towel

annnnnd cut.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

dude i can't believe he has a number ten jersey too. mike was def telling mouth girl about his sick apartment.