Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Guitar Y'all

In Vinyl news, I've almost completed the basic pixies record collection, cause I picked up Come on Pilgrim the other day, wonderful. I'm not sure that Trompe le monde is distributed on vinyl, but I guess we'll see if I find it somewhere. Or I could look it up on the internet.

In Crazy News, I bought a guitar! It's an Ibanez JX70. An acoustic/electric that was manufactured around 2001-2002, I got it for 200 dollars on craigslist.

The only thing is that now I think that I hate it. I liked it when I first played it and it sounds fine, but it's got some buzzing issues and the action is way high. It's kind of heavy too. So the conclusion I came to was that I'm going to find a good shop to take it to and get it setup right. That is:

- Lower the saddle, which will lower the action (Strings closer to the fretboard) so it's a little more pleasant to play. The saddle is the white bar that sits on top of the bridge.
- Adjust the relief, this should fix most of the buzz issues. The relief is adjusted by tightening or loosening the truss rod which runs down the neck of the guitar. This will compensate for any bow in the neck.
- Fret maintainance, which I'm not sure it needs because the dude like never even looked at, let alone played this guitar.
- If my nut needs work, then screw it, i'm not going to put that much money into this guitar. That was a sexy sentence.

And the guy will like clean off the neck and whatever so the shit doesn't get moldy or whatever. Here is my dilemma: I think I am going to get the guitar setup and then just try to turn it around and sell it because it will play and sound much nicer when setup correctly. So that presents another issue which is that I'm not in love with this guitar, but if it plays and sounds good once setup, it only cost me 200 dollars so I won't know whether to sell or not.

Anyways, so now I have the JX70 and the Epiphone Custom SG, the SG won't be lonely anymore. Gear baby.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living Alone

I currently pay $1410/mo for rent in the middle of Ballston, VA. I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of living alone to decide whether I should make the move back to having roommates.

Living Alone Pros:
1. ALL clothing is optional at ALL times (this is important)
2. I know that when I'm cleaning something up, I'm cleaning up after myself, and thus do not get spiteful at the possibility of me cleaning up after someone else. I hate cleaning up after other people, you stupid bastards.
3. Amenities are used by me and me only, so it's not like anyones going to get angry because Andy is using all of the toilet paper to wipe his fat butt.
4. I can play loud music in my living room whenever I want, or play loud music when I cook food. This may not be the case when roomies are present. They also might not want to listen to Jackson Browne or Jefferson Starship when I do.
5. Sometimes living alone gets lonely. But then again sometimes I like to be alone. Cancellation principality theory. I would have people to hang out with in my vicinity at all times, this is a pro.

Living Alone Cons:
1. Cost - Rent could be almost cut in half if I lived in a 3-4 BR house. Utilities would be split and resources would be shared (TV, Video Games, Boobs, etc) resulting in more things for me.
2. That's like it

So, I think I know what I need to do. Find a cheaper 1BR. We'll see if that's possible. In blog news, Dave is posting to his blog again! What a fagmaster. Nah actually it's much better than my stupid blog, he actually has real content.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Just Saying

I just wanted to say that I hate it when I go to take a pee, and somehow my undies are on sideways and I have to surgically remove my schlong from my balls and leg.

Also, I get to play 2 more shows with Chalk Dino! If anyone is in Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving, Chalk Dinosaur will be playing a show on Friday, November 28th at Your Inner Vagabond, and also a show on Saturday, December 27th at Diesel with The Morning Light. The Morning Light will probably be the biggest band we've played with, and also it's at Diesel! Excellent.

Check out the awesome T-Shirts they just got printed, they are amazing to me. Awesome design.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Parry Gripp

I visited Philadelphia over Halloween weekend and stayed with BGBK. My brother John was in town for an Of Montreal show on Friday night so John, Will, Brian and I all got to hang out.

We drove to the city a lot and our car soundtrack for the weekend consisted almost purely of Parry Gripp's CD "For Those About to Shop, We Salute You". It's a CD that Parry Gripp, of Nerf Herder, recorded consisting of 51 ~30 second jingles. It's hilarious, definitely check it out.

He also is maintaining a website, posting some new songs every week. If you're into it, check it out here. Another interesting fact, Nerf Herder or at least Parry Gripp worked on an album for Hoops&Yoyo, the E-Card Green Bunny and Pink Cat. Unexpected. Anyways, enjoy Parry Grip, he's a funny guy.