Sunday, November 9, 2008

Parry Gripp

I visited Philadelphia over Halloween weekend and stayed with BGBK. My brother John was in town for an Of Montreal show on Friday night so John, Will, Brian and I all got to hang out.

We drove to the city a lot and our car soundtrack for the weekend consisted almost purely of Parry Gripp's CD "For Those About to Shop, We Salute You". It's a CD that Parry Gripp, of Nerf Herder, recorded consisting of 51 ~30 second jingles. It's hilarious, definitely check it out.

He also is maintaining a website, posting some new songs every week. If you're into it, check it out here. Another interesting fact, Nerf Herder or at least Parry Gripp worked on an album for Hoops&Yoyo, the E-Card Green Bunny and Pink Cat. Unexpected. Anyways, enjoy Parry Grip, he's a funny guy.

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