Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Erection Day

- I got Pinkerton in the mail today. I brought the box inside and it looked a little haggard so I was getting a little worried that the record was damaged in transport. And guess what, it fucking was, it was like a vinyl taco. Anyways, they said they would replace it, those boner heads, it's still a shame that it's ruined. Don't buy from off of Amazon.

- Brother John recorded a new song the other day that I've been waiting for him to record for a long while. It's called Crash Landing and it's on the Chalk Dino myspace so check it out. It's really dark and has a lot of melodic guitar riffage, it's really nice, give it a good listen.

- Joe Sanderson's band Unreal City is coming out with a record, Ephemeral Subsistence, on November 25th on Double or Nothing Records. I thought it was being released on vinyl and as a digital download, but I'm seeing CD's when I Google it so who knows. I'll have to ask Joe. The artwork they got done is off the hinges, it was done by the guy who did artwork for Integrity. I can't wait to see it printed on a gatefold LP. They are going on a tour down the east coast and back up starting in November. Check out some streaming audio on the myspace linked above and from the Double or Nothing website here.

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