Monday, October 27, 2008

Clarendon Bars

I think I was getting sick two weekends ago, and my friend Danlee had a terrible night that Friday so neither of us really felt like partying too much that Saturday. We hung for a while and drank a couple whirlwinds, but that got old pretty quick so we decided to walk over to Clarendon and check out some bars that everyone in the entire world doesn't go to. There were a couple bars/venues that I wanted to check out.

The first bar that was stopped at was called IOTA Club and Cafe. This place was neat, they had food but I didn't eat any, maybe will update if I do. It is basically divided into thirds. The right two thirds are the stage and standing room. On the left hand third there are tables and sitting room at the bar. The cool part is that the bar connects the two rooms, so if you don't feel like having your ears blasted off, you can sit at a table or at the bar and still listen to the music, and if you want to be in the crowd and drink, then no problems. Draft beer selection, not great. Yuengling though. The inside is really dark, with not much sitting room at the bar, but a reasonable amount of tables for the taking.

Second and last actually, GALAXY HUT. This place rules, not somewhere I would go all the time, but they have a great bottled and draft beer selection. I got a damn Gordon bro! They basically have just a bunch of good beers, and not much else, Pabst and like miller for 3 bucks I guess. First place I've been that has Oskar Blues stuff though. It's a decent atmosphere too, pretty different, they have a patio and they have live music every Sunday and Monday night. It's enough that they have good beer and a patio, I like this place a lot.

These places are nice, I still need a place that has darts and a good jukebox though, although I went to a bar in Dupont Circle (Buffalo Billiards) that had nice REAL darts and lots of pool tables. Not quite my kind of place though, it was really huge and not cheap at all. Anyways, this isn't really relevant unless you live here I guess, which i'm sure no one who reads this does. If you are in Arlington though and want a Gordon you know where we'll be going.

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