Friday, October 17, 2008


One of my bosses is going to an event called biketoberfest, which I think is a stretch, but me and nicole were just discussing other blanktoberfests. 12 minutes left of work, here goes:

People would still presumably drink beer at all of these fests.

The obvious Cocktoberfest: Whatever, the obvious choice. I guess this is either people just with their cocks out drinking beer, or something like a cock themed bachelorette party Something. Anyways, it probably looks something like this.

Socktoberfest would likely be almost the exact same as Oktoberfest, becuase people even wear big socks there. Although, people would be able to embrace whichever style of sock they desired. Pants and shoes are optional for maximum sock visibility. It's just all about socks bro.

Cracktoberfest probably goes through as much beer as Oktoberfest, and an equal amount of crack by volume. Presumably this takes place in a damp dark corner somewhere in gotham city. It's got a real ring to it.

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Anonymous said...

Cracktoberfest does exist and has for several years. It's a free concert held in a park in NYC by the punk band Leftover Crack (and associated acts).