Friday, October 3, 2008

A Weekend to be Bromembered

The weekend of the 20th/21st my good brothers John and Mike came to visit me in DC, along with one of my oldest and most trusted brossociates, Will. It's so good to see people I know let alone two of my brothers and one of my best friends.

On Friday we went out in Clarendon, to Clarendon Grill and briefly to Clarendon Ballroom. I'm a giant idiot when I get drunk so I payed for all of our drinks on Friday night, which came to a who-opping total of 200 dollars! HOLY BEANS! Things are kind of fuzzy about Friday, but since I'm convinced the only two shots that Mike knows are Washington Apples and Jager Bombs, we ended up drinking Jager Bombs all night. After getting pretty saucy, we tried to get to the strip club, and the cab driver took us to a CLOSED strip club. Mike was not happy about this and started getting all up in his face and saying, "YOU BURN!" So good. Then Will and Mike peed in a bike seat tube, and we were all singing while John played the guitar outside of my apartment. That's about what all happened on Friday.

On Saturday afternoon we got up and my friends Nicole and Blair walked into a brodeo that they didn't see coming. They met my brothers and will, and hung out for a while, so that was nice to have some female company for a minute. We went down to the mall, and threw a disc around for a while, ate some good old fashioned dogs, and visited the air and space museum. There was beautiful weather all afternoon, and because of the dogs and the disc we needed a nap so we put on the pat garret and billy the kid soundtrack and slept for an hour in preparation for another night on the town. Nicole (left), Blair(right), Lila, and Kathy(middle) were at some kind of bar crawl so we met up with them in Clarendon once again for round two. We drank a bunch of beers and danced around like ass holes until we parted with the ladies only to meet back at IHOP in Ballston. It was a glorious meal of corned beef hash and country fried steak, so actually it was really gross, but chowing late at night has never been better.

We all walked back to Nicole and Blair's apartment where we continued to rage and throw down while the girls were trying to sleep. I proceeded to stick my butt through the sliding glass door and fart a bunch while John buried his face in Lyla's butt and Mike was growling in Nicole's ear...I guess it tickles.

The next morning we woke up late, somehow sleeping through two alarms, and Will missed his train to Baltimore. I was still at least a lot drunk, and Will needed to get to Baltimore to meet his parents for lunch, so we manned up and drove to Baltimore. This was hell, as I got lost on the way back and we got lost at least a few times on the way there, but all in all this was a glorious visit. These are the only 2 pictures I could track down.

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