Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Weekend

I had an excellent weekend. BGBK, Joe S., and John bro were here because my friend Eric had a Muay Thai fight on Saturday night. Lots of good hang time, and we discussed some very important topics.

1. The Apocalypse: When this happens, and it will, we will be be starting from scratch. First things first, the group needs to have a good sexual cadence. I'm not sure if cadence works there, but I like it there, and the point is that we can't have any more dudes than women or the other way around. Consensus was that things would get weird if we didn't have a creamy sexual balance. If there weren't enough women someone would get jealous, or women would have too much vagina power over the men. Ultimately, someone would die.

We're going to grow pot, because seriously bro, it's not going to matter. It's the apocalypse. It's not like I need a job, or to make sense when I speak words all the time. The only problem comes if we start eating too much, which I don't think will happen as we should have an abundance of corn, and I love corn. I agree with Joe when he says, "It's my favorite cobbed vegetable."

Joe is making the decisions, he's good at war and presumably post apocalyptic survival strategy. He knows and cares. Our main worries will be other roaming groups of survivors and bears/dolphins coming onto land. Although if we come upon a grizzly cub we will tame and ride it.

There is more , but you get it, and you're not invited.

2. Manatees: Discussing the marketing and production of manatee milk and meat, you know, cows of the sea. Also whether or not, if you were to eat one, it has red or white meat. Either way, fried manatee nipple fritters would be delectable.

3. Would you have had sex with Paul Newman in his strapping younger days, not that he didn't always look good. Consensus: It depends.

4. We went to Eric's muay thai fight this weekend outside of Baltimore, and it was nutso. Eric won decisively, and we got to watch an MMA fight and a padless muay thai fight at the end (gloves and nothing else). Much more exciting than I thought it would be, some guy got kicked right in the head and was out cold. THAT REALLY HAPPENS!!! That was fun.

Anyways, it was a wonderful weekend, it's always great to see some friends and family, especially Brian, Joe, and John.

God there were like 50000 grammatical errors in this post.

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