Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Just Saying

I just wanted to say that I hate it when I go to take a pee, and somehow my undies are on sideways and I have to surgically remove my schlong from my balls and leg.

Also, I get to play 2 more shows with Chalk Dino! If anyone is in Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving, Chalk Dinosaur will be playing a show on Friday, November 28th at Your Inner Vagabond, and also a show on Saturday, December 27th at Diesel with The Morning Light. The Morning Light will probably be the biggest band we've played with, and also it's at Diesel! Excellent.

Check out the awesome T-Shirts they just got printed, they are amazing to me. Awesome design.


Tommy said...

does your dad do a lot of managing john o's andrew space or help with the recording or something?

Johnny Barleycorn said...

he does the andrew space, no recording help though