Friday, March 20, 2009

John O, Blowing up

Big news for Chalk Dinosaur!

The Pittsburgh City Paper reviewed the band, you can check it out here! I feel like Pittsburgh has a pretty good city paper, or maybe that's just because I used to read Savage love...Either way, great news for John O.

Another Pittsburgh music blog reviewed one of John's newest songs, Crazy Folks! This is great, just unsolicited attention, and good attention at that. It makes me really happy to have been part of it, and still kind of part of it.

Harrison Wargo, from The Morning Light, who we opened for a little ways back, is playing with the band now. He left the Morning Light, I dont' know why, but he's perfect for these guys. He is more experienced, and has played more and bigger shows than any of us, and I think he just brings a lot to the table.

On top of these things, Matt booked a show with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, who just happens to be one of my favorite bands to listen to right now. Maybe even my favorite. The show is on April 11th at The Brillo Box, it's going to be wild. I get to play guitar! 3 guitars/2 guitars and keyboard is what's happening. We'll see how it goes, 3 guitars, a little over the top, but they insist. Gonna be SICK NASTY.



Skizzler said...

sick dude!

I am gonna try and get that day off of bartending, maybe swap a shift or some shit

Tommy said...

blowing up! Yes!

jenna said...

live video feed for the west coasters? yes?