Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unreal City

Well, I posted earlier about the Unreal City album, Ephemeral Subsistence, coming out and it did at some point between then and now. Ephemeral Subsistence is out on CD, pick it up online wherever or hit your local strip mall and stop off at Hot Topic to pick one up !!!!! I just read this little bio of Unreal City on Smart Punk and I can't tell whether it's funny or if it makes me really sad that I lived in and really love Pittsburgh:

Once known as “Hell with the lid off,” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has yet to escape its tormented past of the steel industry collapse. Culminating into more than just an ongoing economical depression, the decline over the last few decades has toiled on the ambitions of locals who have harbored bleak and desolate perspectives. There are those exceptions with hope or optimism, and there are those at the bottom who wallow in the misery of it all. UNREAL CITY is music for the bleak and miserable only. Engulfed in an atmosphere where the sun only shines 59 days a year, this is depressing, haunting music for failing people in resentful unrest.

Check out those classy quotation mark images I found on Google! Anyways, buy the CD, it is mean.

In personal news, I'm not sure that I posted about the drunk bus experience with my coworkers. My boss was on the bus, which I thought would be wierd, and was kind of wierd until everyone in the world got shitty. In the end he ended up calling me at 3:00AM to leave me a message that he had my wallet, and I picked it up from his house the next morning. Anyways, we had a nice chit chat and that was that. I'm glad he keeps his work and personal lives seperate. Here's a picture of me and my friend Shaun. Yeah I've been working out the forearms, if you were going to ask. No big deal.

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