Saturday, February 7, 2009

One of the most nutso things that's ever happened to me

Me and Jake and Danlee decided to go somewhere we don't go very often last night, so we took the metro to U Street, and were just kind of bar hopping, and checking out a bunch of places. And we got to this one place, Sollys, that had a pretty good Jukebox and cheap High Life pounders. It was the spot, and then we heard what sounded like one of the windows getting smashed, and the whole bar shook and started filling up with smoke.

When I ran outside to see what happened, and a cab had crashed THROUGH the wall of the bar, like 10 feet from where me, Dan, and Jake were. The cab driver looked like he either went insane or was having a seizure, I could see him when I got outside, and his foot was still on the gas so the bar filled up with burning tire smoke in a matter of seconds. That shit was crazy, nobody seriously injured.

Here's some proof that this happened

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