Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chalk Dinosaur

Big news! Chalk Dinosaur finally completed their first LP! Sorry if you're sick of hearing Chalk Dino news, but that's too bad and actually, I'm not sorry. As they say: If you don't like it, you can always leave.

They finished recording and mixing towards the end of summer, got it mastered by THIS GUY, and just got it back from being printed! You can get it at CD Baby!

I've seen the band from its inception to CD. From me and John in Dave's basement, with the blues jr. and Dave's brothers drumset, to a full blown recording studio in Harrison's basement and a CD. Gear aside, I have seen them all become really great musicians. There is a point when you're watching a band, and you can tell they've been playing together for a long time. They are comfortable and confident on stage, they know the queues from their bandmates, and they don't miss a beat. Needless to say I was never near that point, but the last time I saw Chalk Dinosaur open for Starfucker at the Brillo Box in Pittsburgh, they absolutely floored me.

Anyways, I am extremely proud of John, Matt, Rich and Harrison for putting all of this together. Seeing the creativity, dedication, and hard work that lead to this CD is inspiring to me, and I'm really proud know and have played with them all. They are all incredible guys and I know they will succeed.

You should buy a CD.

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Tommy said...

now succeed dudes!!! SUCCEED!!!!!!