Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Diana's Cookies

I wrote Diana (Diana Schmailscookiesried) a letter a few weeks ago, upon request, and she sent back cookies....dude! I didn't know how much better cookies can be when receiving them from a friend via the United States Postal Service...shit is wild. It's like the aforementioned mountain dew wrapper principle in reverse. Cookies from friends via the USPS are amazing, whereas they may just be OK when coming from a mere acquaintance served, say, by a regular hand or hand holding a plate. Thanks Diana.

I saw Mr. Jake the Snake last night as well, he moved to DC recently to work as Boooooz Allen Hamilton and it was good to see a familiar face. I also saw other familiar CMU faces unexpectedly at the bar. Carlene?! Do you remember that crap?! I thought Melissa and Gorana were going to walk through the door and Solesides Greatest Bumps was going to start playing. Also some chick who knew who I was, named Liz (Not Alspector), who said I was the nicest guy anyone would ever meet, which is...not true but was nice. Anyways me and Jakie met up with Patrick, Nicole, Blair, and some other people in Ballston and had a wonderful night. This morning however. I feel so irresponsible, but I'm just tired. Everything's going to be alright.

I also think I might get my Salt and Passage 7" today, excellent. This picture is just for fun.

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