Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vinyl Collective

I just wanted to post about Vinyl Collective, which is a blog / shop which posts very regularly about new releases and restocks and they carry a lot of good stuff, like older and also new punk/rock records. They are very active, good dudes, and have great service if you're ever interested in just browsing some of the vinyl they sell. I find something I want to buy almost every time they post restocks, and every time I browse through their selection. Check it out.

Furniture is coming tomorrow morning, whoopie dooo!

This is my Shelter Cove couch:

Check out those giant pillows that come with it. Yeah man. And here's my Lattice Cocktail Table, a handsome table with clean lines and a comforting chestnut wood construction:

and here's a diagram of what my living room might look like after I get my furniture:

This post is dumb, you say? I'm just filling up space with pictures made in paint you say? What about that first paragraph? Dude, suck that shit.

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