Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dudes. I guess this dudes/duders thing is kind of getting old.

I keep posting right when I order something, and I realized I'm just posting about buying stuff. I'll write more on music, that might happen.

I just got Cease to Begin on Monday, which is most excellent. The artwork is beautiful, and one of my favorite albums for a while. For some reason I've been liking the more country-ish songs like "Marry Song", that's my favorite, maybe next to general specific. I just now went to their myspace and learned Cease to Begin is now available at target stores, for a limited time only ... hello good buy. I also found out that both albums were produced by Phil Ek, the duder who produced uh, all of the Built to Spill albums as far as I know. You know this was a really good idea starting this because by buying records I post more, and I buy more records so I can post. It's a wonderful cycle.

Man, I just got up to go to the bathroom to fart and pee, and our bathroom has 2 urinals, one tall one and one short one. But I walked in and there was ONE dude in there, and HE WAS USING THE LITTLE URINAL. Of all the options! Just blew my mind, I avoid the small urinal at most costs, the splash back dude, the pee hits the back of the urinal and gets all over your pants, and at work!? I guess it's possible that someone was using the big urinal when he started peeing, and then he continued to pee while the other guy washed his hands and walked out without me seeing him. I don't know, he was still peeing for a little while after I started. I think he just chose that shit, what a weirdo.

Chalk Dinosaur is playing a show tonight at the Garfield Artworks with Farewell Flight, I really wish I could have played or at least been there. I've been officially been moved from the "Members" section of the myspace page to the "Guest Appearances" list, but at least I still have a nickname. Anyways, if you're in Pittsburgh and reading this (Which might be an impossible combination since Tommy is the only person who reads this, and he lives in California, and he also probably might not make it down this far in this stupid post) you should go to the show because even if you don't love John, Farewell Flight is good stuff. Listen to "On Standby".

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Tommy said...

The splashback is bad... Mike Wolk uses the small urinal, but he is jewish and also does does stuff like park his car in the far, vacant corner of the walmart lot.