Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coalesce - Salt and Passage

Heyo! I got my Salt and Passage 7" today! Shit is so cool, it's clear with red and silver splatter, the vinyl and the music are both baller. Brian bought a copy of this when he saw Coalesce on tour that was white/black. It has two songs on it Son of Son of Man, and I Am This. I Am This is good stuff, but Son of Son of Man is off the hinges. It has a killer guitar riff, and Coalesce does a great job of being Coalesce, bizarre song structure and rhythm and Sean Ingram blowing my mind as usual. There's a really hard breakdown in Son of Son of Man as well which I missed in I Am This.

This is probably the coolest record I now own, bar maybe Coalesce's Give Them Rope 2.0 record I have which is gray and white marbled, and inscribed in between the last groove and the label it says "I don't believe you don't believe that we can believe". Don't know what that comes from but I think it's really cool that someone took the time and did that by hand.

My asshole car wouldn't start again this morning , I don't know if this is related to the first time I left a dome light on for a few days and the battery died, but I'm 99.9% sure I did not leave a light on this time, and ass if I'm paying 50 dollars to get it jumped again. Nicole gave me a ride to work this morning so that was OK, but we went to go jump it after work today and neither of us have jumper cables so we had to go to like 5 places to find that crap. I'm parked in a diagonal spot like this, / / /, headfirst and the parking spots on both sides of my car were occupied. So I figured we'd just push it out and pull her car up, but I got in and I couldn't shift into Neutral for some reason. I thought maybe the keys had to be in or the car had to be on, but for my life I couldn't shift the shit into neutral. I didn't know about the shift lock release, which is that little hole which is usually right next to the gear shift which is for occasions such as this. I always wondered what that thing was.... at least I'm learning. So, tomorrow morning is the one, going to get my car started and my life back on track after derailing on Wednesday. Goodnight.

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