Monday, September 8, 2008

Reggie And The Full Effect - Inside The Dust Sleeve

Well RATFE is classic, and this gatefold is classic too, and was released on Vagrant! It's just the Under the Tray LP, but doesn't really work without a cd tray, hence Inside the Dust Sleeve. Same Songs. I saw it and really wanted to get Paco hung up on the wall and listen to RATFE for the first time in a bunch of years. I want to hang it up maybe along with Functioning on Impatience or Show me Your Tears. They are too rad to leave in a crate, also the only things on my walls right now are some crappy photos I took my Sophomore year at CMU and a Get Up Kids poster from highschool. I'm afraid the records might not be nearly as good when they aren't in the covers though. Kind of like how if you take the wrapper off of a Mountain Dew, it doesn't taste as good. I'm worried the Mountain Dew Principle will carry over to these records. I'll let you know.

Listening to these songs is amazing though, I just streamed some from last fm and was right back in highschool.

Work is kind of a bummer right now, getting kind of repetetive and boring, but I get to move somewhere else in the company in a couple of months so I gotta keep on a going and learning stuff until that point comes. In the meantime, I ordered a couch and a table which means I don't have to eat on the floor anymore, and I can sit on something more comfortable than a camping chair. Things are looking up.

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