Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Band of Horses - Cease to Begin

I just ordered this actually, I didn't even get it in the mail yet, but this is one of my favorite records as of late so I anxiously await it's arrival. Will write more about the record when it comes and I can listen to it and write about it.

I actually wanted to write about Labor Day weekend. My Uncle Kevin (My Dad's Brother in Law) called me on Friday afternoon and said he was going to be in Alexandria for the evening and that we should meet up. Kevin's maybe not bro-est of the bros but it's always good to see family. So I drove down to Alexandria at around 5:30pm and we met up, and it turned out to be a big family reunion/birthday party. Needless to say I was out of place. Anyways, I thanked god when we left that house and went up the street to Kevin's brother's house, we'll call him Dale. He was chatting about the limo he had in his driveway, and I thought he was joking, but when we showed up, there it was. I had some serious doubts about where this night was headed, but we had picked up some beers along the way so we headed inside.

I followed Kevin past the limo and through the front door where we were greeted by one of the oldest living men i've laid my eyes on, sunk into a lazyboy, 5 feet in front of a 60 inch projection TV, yelling some nonsense gibberish at his three dogs.Every inch of this house was covered with crap, anything, giant bird cages, they had a suit of armor. Again i'm seriously questioning the direction this night has taken.

He has two sons, Joe and Ed, who are 25 year old twins. One of them works an IT job and the other does landscaping, both live at home as far as I know. It turns out they are total broskis, and we start talking about music becuase they listen to good music and play. Finally, the night has taken a turn for the better. I guess this is where being pack rats is a good thing, they have an absolutely baller band room on the roof with all the goods and then a bar. So we made mudslides on the porch and proceed to jam into the night, exactly what I've wanted to do since I can't play with John anymore. After a most excellent jam session, we moved onto the roof and started drinking the last bits of laphroaig that are out there, talk for a while and then everyone hits the sack of hay.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful after getting over that first hurdle, I went to my uncle's riverhouse and rode boats and jetskis all day and came home Monday night. How Wonderful.

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