Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Heyo! There's like a million things going on for Oktoberfest around the area. Tons of specials, happy hours, and oktoberfest beer being brewed. I'm not sure how many of these i'll make it out to, but the DCist lists a bunch to check out.

Anyways, I heard Clarence Carter's Strokin' on the way home from work today. Shit is amazing. CLARENCE CARTER!CLARENCE CARTER!CLARENCE CARTER! God, Hater Players makes so much more sense now.

Mike O, John O, and Will are all coming to visit me this weekend! It's a regular Field Club Drive reunion (That's where we lived). My hopes are that Brian will also be able to make it out and things will just be wild. Hahaha if I ever need a laugh, I can always go back to Brian's picture from highschool graduation, gets me every time.

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